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I help SMEs, and large enterprises achieve business excellence and enable them to digital transformation through

  • Knowledge management
  • Standardization of terminology/metadata
  • Networking strategy
  • Optimization of multilingual processes


Azadeh and I worked on two different Energy from Waste (EfW) projects, one in Mallorca (ES) and a second one in Giubiasco (CH). On these two projects the work of Azadeh was of great meaning and a big support for the project team. For these projects we had to deliver the Operating Manual (OM) in Spanish and Italian respectively. We speak here of 400 folders with all kind of documentation, drawings, etc. with technical words. A successful delivery of these OM in the desired foreign language can only be achieved if a big deal of work in the field of Terminology and Translation is made previously and carefully. Here is where the work of Azadeh was a real success in these projects.

Dr. Sergio Escudero

Hitachi Zosen Inova AG

Azadeh Eshaghi supported us competently and solution-oriented during an important phase in the development of the terminology database as well as in the design of our terminology guideline and terminology processes. In particular, her anticipatory view of the whole picture and her expert knowledge enabled us to find useful and coherent solutions for us.
I am happy to recommend Azadeh Eshaghi as a consultant for terminology management. Working with Azadeh has always been refreshing and enriching. Thank you very much for the pleasant cooperation.

Medea Schnyder

Stadler Bussnang AG

When I think about Network, strategist Azadeh Eshaghi is one of the first names that comes in my mind. She knows the importance of bringing people together and how to let them grow in their business doing it with much success. She understands the needs of the various professional levels, is an open-minded person, and is a highly skilled moderator and relationship manager. We met each other at the Exelerators’ Business Network, a community that she co-founded and still manages it online and offline with excellence. I especially appreciate her communication skills to handle different cultures and different points of view. It makes her also a great team player. I strongly recommend Azadeh for projects that involve knowledge management and community building.

Dr. Fernanda Wüthrich

Mercury Brain GmbH

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