In many professional and private networks inquisitive people ask me what  #terminology work means …

First of all, there are already a lot of articles on this topic, therefore I explain it quickly for my interested followers:

Professional title : One learns the profession of the terminologist in an professional training or in the university. However, there are also many terminologists who acquire their expertise on their own. A terminologist leading and coordinating the entire terminology work of an organization, including managing the terminology team, is called the terminology manager.

Goal : The main purpose of this abstract activity is that all involved persons and applications of an organization use the same  term  for a specific  concept – yes, this also applies to a consistent spelling.

Some key tasks : For this purpose, terminologists define the terms from a specific field a of an organization clearly and delimitively, then they name them meaningful and coherent and specify a preferred term for each concept. Unwanted synonyms are thus cleaned up as far as possible and the terminology is standardized. Also to create a unique  relation between the terms is part of it. We then map this information in a  terminology database to serve further applications via interfaces.

Conclusion: You see by the example of the subtasks mentioned above that this discipline has nothing to do with multi-column and multilingual word lists in Excel . Strictly speaking, this work attempts to counteract all mismanagement, misunderstandings etc. that arise precisely through the production and duplication of static and term-oriented Excel lists.

For more details on conceptual #Terminology Management ,  #Terminology – #Standardisierung  I am at your disposal.

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