Azadeh Eshaghi supported us competently and solution-oriented during an important phase in the development of the terminology database as well as in the design of our terminology guideline and terminology processes. In particular, her anticipatory view of the whole picture and her expert knowledge enabled us to find useful and coherent solutions for us.
I am happy to recommend Azadeh Eshaghi as a consultant for terminology management. Working with Azadeh has always been refreshing and enriching. Thank you very much for the pleasant cooperation.

Medea Schnyder
Stadler Bussnang AG

I’ve been working with Azadeh Eshaghi for many years successfully on at least two business network projects and several innovation initiatives. I learned from her a lot about both communication and networking strategies. She uses latest tools in communication and social media very effectively and gains impressive results within a short amount of time. 

Azadeh brings and keeps the right dots together, so that everyone in a network feels as a valuable community member and gets the opportunity to benefit from each other. I highly recommend to work with her. You can benefit from Azadeh’s experience and expertise. She could create a significant added value for you and your company as well.

Dr. Sven Thiebus
Sven Thiebus Innovation Consulting

I received a great consultation from Azadeh Eshaghi. After talking about the workflow of my application in very detail we found the right terms for the objects that were challenging to give the names to. Another important benefit was advice on how to create the right terms and definitions. Surprisingly, the strategy was very different from what I had anticipated. Following common sense, I would have done it differently, however not the best way.

It was very helpful to learn about it now and not later. Making changes after the product is launched requires more effort and brings confusion to the users.

Azadeh Eshaghi is excellent in terminology and I recommend her to everyone who cares to use the right word. Because words matter. “

Vaida Alisauskaite
Founder and CEO of Webmobix

Azadeh and I worked on two different Energy from Waste (EfW) projects, one in Mallorca (ES) and a second one in Giubiasco (CH). On these two projects the work of Azadeh was of great meaning and a big support for the project team. For these projects we had to deliver the Operating Manual (OM) in Spanish and Italian respectively. We speak here of 400 folders with all kind of documentation, drawings, etc. with technical words. A successful delivery of these OM in the desired foreign language can only be achieved if a big deal of work in the field of Terminology and Translation is made previously and carefully. Here is where the work of Azadeh was a real success in these projects.

Dr. Sergio Escudero
Hitachi Zosen Inova AG

Liebe Azadeh, ich konnte in unserem Online-Coaching-Gespräch einiges mitnehmen und freue mich über den Kontakt mit Dir! Toll, wie Du Deine Erfahrung wirkungsvoll weitergibst und dich engagierst. Vielen herzlichen Dank. Ich kann Dein Angebot zu Netzwerkstrategie und Networking im Unternehmen sehr empfehlen!

Sabina Preskar

Die Beratung war umfassend und kompetent, alle Aspekte wurden unter Berücksichtigung meines Kenntnisstandes und vorhandenen Ideen erörtert und auch kritisch hinterfragt. Meine zu Beginn recht unvollständige und vage Vorstellung betreffs des Was/Wofür/Wohin wurde durch Hinterfragen und Diskurs zu einer klaren, unkomplizierten und umsetzbaren Perspektive, deren Umsetzung sofort begonnen werden kann und die je nach Resonanz auch ausbaufähig ist.

Bruno Erne

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